Author of books for kids about wildlife, nature, space, weather, and more!

Mary Kay Carson

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Mary Kay Carson is a nonfiction children’s book author. She’s written more than fifty books for kids about wildlife, space, weather, nature, and other science and history topics.

MK's Events

📌 Sept 26: Greater Cincinnati Catholic Library Assoc.

📌 Oct 20: Books by the Banks in Cincinnati, Ohio

📌 Nov 3: OKI Children's Literature Conference, Crestview Hills, KY

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Get Ready to Watch New Horizons Visit a KBO on New Years!

December 2018: Get caught up on the story so far, by reading MISSION TO PLUTO before the spunky spacecraft makes history again this New Years! Watch these web and social media sites for more, including live links during the first ever flyby of a Kuiper Belt object! New Horizons HQ:


Twitter:  @NASANewHorizons #UltimaThule #UltimaFlyby


Mary Kay Carson at Ohioana Book Festival in April!

February 2, 2018: The invites have been sent! Come see the author and have books signed at Ohioana's Book Festival. The 2018 Book Festival will be held Saturday, April 14, 2018, from 10:30a.m.-5:00p.m. at the Sheraton Columbus Hotel at Capitol Square, 75 E. State St., Columbus, OH 43215. It is a FREE event open to the public, no registration required.

It's out! Alexander Graham Bell for Kids!

June 1, 2018: My newest book is out! Kirkus says, "The inventor of the telephone gets extensive treatment in this book, which combines biography, history, and activities for children... Bell invented the telephone, but what was his family like? What inspired him to work on the science of sound? What else did he do in his very productive lifetime? This book answers these questions and more..."  Save 10% here.