Author of books for kids about wildlife, nature, space, weather, and more!

Mary Kay Carson

Author of books for kids about wildlife, nature, space, weather, and more!

Mary Kay Carson


Good Question! books gives kids the facts they really want to know in accessible and lively detail. The fun, Q&A format is geared specifically to readers ages 7-10 and includes engaging text, attractive art, and interesting images.

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Are there more insects than people on Earth? Are all bugs insects? And can all insects fly? From the number of legs a ladybug has to the truth about whether termites eat wood and why crickets chirp, this cool book helps children discover some of the world's most amazing creatures. 

Why was the Titanic so huge? Did all the passengers really eat off gold plates? How could an iceberg just appear out of nowhere? Here are the answers to all these and other “must-know” questions about the building, launch, and tragic sinking of the most famous ship of all time.

Who was Susan B. Anthony—what did she stand for, why was she arrested, and how did she fight for women's right to vote? From the first women's rights convention at Seneca Falls, New York, to the enactment of the 19th Amendment, this lively chronicle introduces Anthony and the American suffragist movement.

Did It All Start with a Snowball Fight?

Why were schools, drinking fountains, and movie theatres segregated by race? Why did more than 250,000 people march in Washington, DC in 1963? What was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s big dream--and has it come true? All of these and other “must-know” questions about the civil rights hero are answered in this engaging new book.

Why is there life on earth? How did Saturn get its rings? Which planet is biggest, which one's hottest—and which has a cloud named Scooter? Take a trip into outer space to learn about the asteroid belt, Martian volcanoes, dwarf planets, and other fascinating facts about our universe.

Sterling, 2014; 32 pages; ISBN:9781454906841

Sterling, 2014; 32 pages; ISBN:9781454906759

Where is planet Earth—and how big is it? Does the ground move under our feet? What would we find if we dug down all the way to the Earth's core? And why is the sky blue?  Children will discover the answers to these and other must-know questions about our amazing planet.

Could a snowball fight really have sparked the American Revolution? What made people get so steaming mad over the price of tea? Step back into colonial America to find out about taxation without representation; why the British were called lobsters; and whether Yankee doodles were really dandy! 

What was the Underground Railroad—and who traveled on it? Who was Harriet Tubman and what did she do? This gripping book tells kids all about the perilous journey to escape slavery and finally become free: how long it could take, where the fugitives hid, who helped them, how “stationmasters” sent secret messages, and other fascinating details of the legendary Underground Railroad.

What Makes a Tornado Twist?

What Was Your Dream, Dr. King? And

What Sank the World's Biggest Ship?

How Many Planets Circle the Sun?

And Other Questions about

Bugs and Insects

Why Couldn't Susan B. Anthony Vote? And Other Questions about Women's Suffrage

Why Does Earth Spin?

Which Way to Freedom?

Is each snowflake unique? What comes first: thunder or lightning? What causes the seasons? Charming illustrations, clever charts, and fun text help kids learn whatever they want to know about wild weather. No matter their question, the fascinating answers are right here!

Sterling, 2014; 32 pages; ISBN:9781454903398

Sterling, 2015; 32 pages; ISBN:9781454912415

Sterling, 2013; 32 pages; ISBN:9781402796227

Sterling, 2012; 32 pages; ISBN:978140278734

Sterling, 2012; 32 pages; ISBN:9781402787331

Sterling, 2014; 32 pages; ISBN:9781454906858

Sterling, 2015; 32 pages; ISBN:9781454907855

And Other Questions about Weather

Other Questions about Martin Luther King Jr.

And Other Questions about Our Solar System

And Other Questions about the Titanic

How Strong Is an Ant?

And Other Questions about the American Revolution

And Other Questions about Our Planet

And Other Questions about the Underground Railroad